Game Quest

Price: 55 €

Duration: 120 minutes

Tour time: on Sunday from 6pm to 8pm

Tour language: French

The meeting point is 20 avenue Duquesne, 75007 Paris


55 €

NB! Minimum number of persons in the order - 2.

Paris Revival

The name of Osman is related with a new look of Paris that pleases our eyes now.

As you may have guessed we will focus on the transformation of the city.

Therefore, your task today to remember the main places of transformation and we will help you in this, as we hide it in a game.

The world of wizards

There is probably no a single person who didn’t read, didn’t watch or didn’t heard about Harry Potter and his adventures.

We also decided to create our world of magic and please you with interesting themed tasks combining puzzles, codes, creativity, etc.

As always you have around 2 hours, our segways and all Paris!

In the footprints of childhood

In the quest ” In the footprints of childhood” you have to remember your favorite cartoons, again plunge into the atmosphere of childhood and youth.

Quest will consist of a variety of tasks such as puzzles, riddles, crosswords, etc., and all this on Segway. In 2 hours you have to figure out combination of 7 different tasks at the same time moving around the city on Segways .

New format of an entertainment which will give you a huge amount of positive emotions and impressions.

NB! Minimum number of persons in the order - 2.

Our company has prepared for you 3 thematic quest for adults and children. Everyone can participate, test your intelligence and get a new experience riding a Segway.

Our event consists of a many of stages:


Game introduction


Training to ride a segway


Dividing all participants into teams


General instruction about riding


Huge variety of tasks

What you will get, if you spend an evening with us:


a lot of fun


a new experience


good value of money for 2 hours game


Free photos, etc.

Why GoGo Tours?

We do mini groups(private tours), that means:

It is all about your security. In a small group a guide always controls the situation and if necessary, reacts immediately.

We have new Segways! All our Segways were made in 2015.

Small group has more mobility and we can go around the city much faster without waiting for the rest of the group, who didn`t have time to cross a street to green light.

It is easy to take photos! In a small group a guide will help you to take unforgettable photos in Paris and, once again, much faster than in a big group.

The stops we do on our way are optimized according to the available time. We won`t let you be bored, after providing you with interesting information about a sight, we will take you to the next place. Our idea of timing is to let you see more and enjoy the ride.

Privacy. Our tours are ideal for a family or a group of friends.

The benefits are obvious!

You won`t get bored and you won`t lose your time as you would probably do in a big group. You will receive a lot of pleasant emotions from visiting Paris for an optimal length of time!

By the amount of information received and routes covered our private tours correspond to group tours in the following way:

45 min GOGO Tour = 2 hours with a big group

1.5 hours GOGO Tour = 3 hours with a big group

3 hours GOGO Tour = 5 hours with a big group

Don't waste your precious time! Book a trip in GoGo Tours now and we'll show you Paris in all its beauty!

P.S. Don't worry about nasty weather! GoGo Tours provides you with rain coats in case of rain and warm coats, mittens and hats if it is cold outside! The price of a tour includes the rent of the clothes.

NB! For your riding safety, guest‘s weight is limited to be at least 40 kg (88 pounds) but not more than 120 kg (260 pounds). In order to avoid the risk to the health of both child and mother, pregnant women are not allowed to participate on the Segway Tours.

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